Can a disfellowshipped Jehovah’s Witnesses partake of the Memorial emblems?

NO – The Watchtower 6/15/1956 p. 383 – Questions From Readers

A disfellowshiped person is no member of Jehovah’s congregation and may not be served the emblems by those serving at the celebration of the Lord’s evening meal.

YES – The Watchtower 8/1/1958 p. 478 – Questions From Readers

It is not for you or anyone serving the Memorial emblems to act as the judge, but to allow the emblems to go to anyone in the audience as these are passed along in the normal manner of letting each one have the opportunity to partake.

NO – The Watchtower 4/1/1960 p. 224 – Questions From Readers

Disfellowshiped persons are not welcome. Should they attend and partake, they would not be counted.

YES – The Watchtower 2/1/1976 p. 76 “Keep Doing This in Remembrance of Me”

Those counted as partakers are those known as faithful, baptized servants of God. We do not invite disfellowshiped persons to attend. But if such a one is present, there is no reason to be disturbed if he is seated in a row with others and proceeds to partake of the emblems.

Note: If since 1976 a disfellowshipped person can eat the most important Lords Evening Meal with other anointed, does that violate 1Co 5:11 “But now I am writing YOU to quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother…, not even eating with such a man”?

At the same time, a disfellowshipped person cannot eat with his own family.

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