NO – The Watchtower 12/1/2004 para 15 – Maintain a Balanced View of the Use of Alcohol

Jehovah commanded those performing priestly duties at the tabernacle: “Do not drink wine or intoxicating liquor . . . when you come into the tent of meeting, that you may not die.” (Leviticus 10:8, 9) Therefore, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages just before attending Christian meetings, when sharing in the ministry, and when caring for other spiritual responsibilities.

YES – The Watchtower 11/15/2014 para 18 – We Must be Holy in All Our Conduct

Note what God then told Aaron. (Leviticus 10:8-11.) Does that passage mean that we must not drink anything alcoholic before going to a Christian meeting? Think about these points: We are not under the Law. In some lands, our fellow believers use alcoholic beverages in moderation at meals before attending meetings. Four cups of wine were used at the Passover. When instituting the Memorial, Jesus had his apostles drink wine that represented his blood… However, circumstances vary from one country to another, and the important thing is for Christians to “distinguish between the holy thing and the profane” so as to conduct themselves with holiness that pleases God.

Note: Did you notice that the very same Scripture from Leviticus 10 is quoted to support both opposing positions? How can a single verse legitimately prove two opposing teachings, unless it has been misapplied? This one instance alone proves the WT uses verses to fit their thinking, not that they fit their thinking to match the verses. Why even try to use a verse from the old law, in any case?

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