NO – Kingdom Ministry 2/00 p. 7 Is it appropriate to applaud when a reinstatement is announced?

Although we are very happy to see someone return to the truth, applause at the time of his or her reinstatement would not be appropriate.

YES – Letter to Body of Elders 1/25/2016

In the past it was viewed as inappropriate for the congregation to applaud when the elders announced a reinstatement. As will be explained in the May 2016 issue of the watchtower, page 32, there are scriptural reasons to allow for spontaneous, dignified applause when such announcements are made.

YES – The Watchtower 5/2016 p.32 Questions From Readers

When someone is reinstated in the congregation, we have good reason to rejoice. The person will have to keep on maintaining his integrity to God, but he had to be repentant in order to be reinstated, and we are glad that he repented. Accordingly, there may well be spontaneous, dignified applause when the elder make an announcement of a reinstatement.

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