Image Courtesy: CMSRC, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported | Wikimedia Commons
Image Courtesy: CMSRC, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported | Wikimedia Commons

The Watchtower 1/15/1912 (reprints p.4963)

We give below a simple cure for appendicitis symptoms. The pain in the appendix region is caused by the biting of worms near the junction of the transverse colon with the small intestines, low down on the right side of the abdomen. This remedy is recommended also for typhoid fever, which is also a worm disease.

The Watchtower 7/1/1913 p. 200 A Cure for Surface Cancer

We have recently learned of a very effective and simple remedy for cancers which show themselves on the surface of the body. The recipe has come to us free and we are willing to communicate the formula, but only to those who are troubled with surface cancers and who will write to us directly, stating particulars.

The Golden Age 11/26/1919 p.153

Even years ago it was known by some people that the use of pacifiers (dummies) by babies is one of the chief causes of diseased and enlarged tonsils and adenoid growths, which results from the suction.

The Golden Age 1/16/1924 p. 250

It has never been proven that a single disease is due to germs.

The Golden Age 11/19/1924 p. 100 A Glimpse at the World News

The bobbed hair craze is sure to lead to baldness, sooner or later. The reason for this is that human hair is like a tube sealed at the free end. When the hair is cut, the oils which are the life of the hair become dissipated. The reason why men grow bald so quickly is that they have their hair cut so frequently and, in addition, wear tightly fitting hats.

The Golden Age 4/22/1925 p. 454

I HAVE named this new discovery, which I believe will be epochal in the history of the treatment of disease, and which I am exclusively announcing in THE GOLDEN AGE prior to its general publication elsewhere, The Electronic Radio Biola, which means life renewed by radio waves or electrons. The Biola automatically diagnoses and treats diseases by the use of the electronic vibrations. The diagnosis is 100 percent correct, rendering better service in this respect than the most experienced diagnostician.

The Golden Age 2/10/1926 p.310

Air baths are good for preventing colds… What you do is strip naked mornings and evenings and then bob up and down for a while.

The Golden Age 4/7/1926 p.438

Tonsillectomy is called a minor operation. If so, getting well is a double major. If any overzealous doctor condemns your tonsils go and commit suicide with a case-knife. It’s cheaper and less painful.

The Golden Age 7/1/1927 p. 643 The Unconscious Third of Life 

If possible, every bedroom should be so situated that it gets at least two hours of sunlight daily. That will kill tuberculosis and other germs.

The Golden Age 11/28/1928 p. 133

All human ailments have their start in the intestines.

The Golden Age 11/12/1929 p. 107

If the organs [of your body] are diseased, heal them by correcting your diet. Avoid the use of aluminum cooking utensils and alum baking powders as they are injurious to your health, poisoning your blood stream… Sleep on the right side or flat on your back, with the head toward the north so as to get benefit of the earth’s magnetic currents. Avoid serum inoculations as they pollute the blood stream with their filthy pus…. Stop chewing gum, as you need the saliva for your food.

The Golden Age 9/13/1933 p.777

The earlier in the forenoon you take the sun bath, the greater will be the beneficial effect, because you get more of the ultra-violet rays, which are healing.

The Golden Age 1931/1934 December 19 p.187

Appendicitis: Take one ounce each of elder blossom, peppermint and yarrow and simmer in three pints of water. Take a wineglassful every 15 minutes. Do not be afraid of the perspiration caused, or if you vomit.

The Golden Age 7/5/1935 p. 632

I personally know of more than one being relieved of liver trouble, and even cured of gall stones, by the use of olive oil…. A friend who for years has suffered pain in the region of the appendix was entirely relieved by the oil treatments.

The Golden Age 9/23/1936 p.828

Do not use X-Rays… they are destructive and sure to harm the grandchildren of those exposed to them.

The Watchtower 2/1/1952 pp.95-6 Questions from Readers

For the sake of the record, let us say that we are not medical advisers. We are not professionally trained doctors, and do not advise on health matters except as they may involve Scriptural issues, such as in the case of blood transfusions.

Editor’s Note: And even that advice changes.

The Watchtower 8/1/1975 p. 480 Questions From Readers

We should keep in mind that the human body is a harmonious whole, with all the members thereof being dependent on one another. Therefore, emotions, feelings, desires and the like cannot entirely be limited to any one specific organ such as the brain, heart or kidneys.

The Watchtower 10/15/1988 p. 29 Mental Distress—When It Afflicts a Christian

The Society does not recommend or pass judgment upon the various medications and treatments employed by physicians. Research in the Society’s publications may, nevertheless, prove helpful.



Zions Watchtower Dec 1881 The Creative Week

“If the seventh period of creation in which the Father rested is seven thousand years long – as shown above – so are the other six periods; and so we have seven times seven thousand years…”

The Watchtower 1/1/1951 p. 27 The Christian’s Sabbath

7,000 years for each of the creative days as well as the rest day is consistent with the Scriptures.

The Watchtower 8/1/1954 p. 478 The Purpose of Your Witnessing

Each creative day was 7,000 years in length. See “New Heavens and a New Earth”, pages 40-43.

Awake! 11/8/1982 pp. 6-9 Science and the Bible

The Bible record, together with verifiable history, indicates that the seventh day of that creative week covers a period of 7,000 years. Hence, each of the six preceding “days” would be of the same length.

The Watchtower 1/1/1987 p. 30 Questions From Readers

a study of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and of our location in the stream of time strongly indicate that each of the creative days is 7,000 years long.

The Watchtower 1/1/1993 p. 4 Our Grand Creator and His Works

In an orderly sequence of six ‘creative days,’ each thousands of years in length

The Watchtower 4/1/1996 p. 13 par. 10 Praise the King of Eternity!

Wonderful developments took place on earth during the six creative “days” of Genesis chapter 1, each day covering thousands of years.

The Watchtower 2/1/2003 p. 4 How to Cultivate a Balanced View of Work

at the end of the six creative “days,” or long periods of time, “God saw everything he had made and, look! it was very good”

Awake! 9/22/2003 p. 21 Science Was My Religion

the creative days lasted aeons

Awake 1/22/2004 p. 23 Why I Believe the Bible—A Nuclear Scientist Tells His Story

the creative “days” encompass thousands of years

The Watchtower 4/1/2004 p. 6 Identifying the Wild Beast and Its Mark

God’s creative week comprises seven ‘days,’ or extended time periods

The Watchtower 1/1/2004 p. 28 par. 3 Highlights From the Book of Genesis—I

the six creative “days,” or time periods of special creative works

The Watchtower 2/15/2011 p. 8 par. 10 Holy Spirit—At Work in Creation!

These are not 24-hour days but are epochs.

Awake! 11/2011 p. 9 Which Approach Is More Reasonable?

Each day evidently involved a considerable length of time.

Awake! 3/2014 p. 5 How Long Did God Take To Create The Universe?

each of the six creative days could have lasted for thousands of years.

Note: Why has this view changed? It is not because of a revealing of new light by Gods Holy Spirit, but it is due to the incontrovertible discoveries of science. Holy Spirit should have known this all along, but perhaps it was just the speculations of ill informed men all along.



QUICKLY – The Watchtower 7/15/1968 p. 421 Was There an Earthwide Flood?

What tremendous changes occurred in earth’s surface with the fall of this vast canopy of water! This immense weight of water apparently caused a shifting and buckling of earth’s relatively thin crust. Thus, new mountains were thrust upward, old mountains rose to new heights, shallow sea basins were deepened and new shorelines were established.

SLOWLY – Awake! 3/8/1983 p. 14 Creationism—Is It Scientific?

Their teaching that the earth and even the universe are less than 10,000 years old contradicts all the findings of modern science. They are so far out of step that they invite ridicule from scientists. Geologists can point to their measurements of geologic processes that extend far beyond that narrow time frame. Ocean sediments have accumulated over far more than 10,000 years. The time to build mountains and wear them down is measured in millions of years. For continents to drift apart and form oceans takes hundreds of millions of years. To say that all of this goes back only 10,000 years is simply absurd in the eyes of geologists.

QUICKLY – Gods Word (1989) p. 111-113 pars. 29-32 ‘Science: Has It Proved the Bible Wrong?’

For the Flood to have happened, the pre-Flood sea basins would have to have been shallower, and the mountains lower than they are now… Since the mountains and sea basins rise and fall, it is apparent that at one time the mountains were not as high as they are now and the great sea basins were not as deep.

What happened to the floodwaters after the Flood? Movement of these plates can cause changes in the level of the earth’s surface… It is quite likely that—perhaps triggered by the Flood itself—the plates moved, the sea bottom sank, and the great trenches opened, allowing the water to drain off the land.



Literal – The Watchtower 10/15/1950 p. 399 – Questions From Readers

If that outstanding carnivorous animal, the lion, is to “eat straw like the ox”, surely no others will be meat-eaters.

Figurative – The Watchtower 4/15/1967 p. 240 par. 12 – The Benefits of Mankind’s Millennium

these formerly divided peoples cultivate and display the peaceful Christian spirit toward one another, instead of beastliness. This was prefigured in the following Messianic prophecy…

Literal – The Watchtower 5/1/1970 p. 267 par. 8 – Keep Close in Mind “The Conclusion of the System of Things”

Even the animals will be peaceable… In fact, the scripture at Isaiah 11:6-9 pictures a wolf and a lamb living together peacefully.

Both Literal and Figurative – The Watchtower 4/15/1971 p. 245 par. 21 How “Restoration of All Things” Is Made

The beauty of that peace and harmony, besides now fulfilling the further words of the prophet Isaiah in a spiritual sense, will become more concrete in a literal fulfillment of those same prophetic words, which we read in Isaiah 11:6-9…

Literal – w71 2/15 p. 106 Family Study a Blessing

teacher called the mother, who through a friend explained the child’s desire to play with a lion in Paradise.

Figurative – Man’s Salvation book (1975) p 191/2

here these potentially harmful animals must be used as illustrations in the prophecy

Both Literal and Figurative – The Watchtower 10/1/1975 p. 607 par. 13 Flight to the True Kingdom Refuge

The harmless relationship between beast and man that will then prevail will correspond with the description of Isaiah 11:6-9, which has already found its fulfillment in the spiritual paradise now enjoyed by Jehovah’s Christian witnesses.

Figurative – The Watchtower 2/15/1976 p. 127 Isaiah—A Book Overflowing with Good News!

In Jehovah’s spiritual paradise today persons who formerly had dispositions like a wolf, a leopard, a lion or a bear have become docile.

Literal – The Watchtower 10/1/1977 p. 592 – Changing Personalities in Kenya’s Paradise

in God’s new order, it can be expected that even the most vicious of the wild animals will be tamed, to live at peace alongside mankind

Figurative – The Watchtower 10/15/1979 p. 9 – What Blessings on Earth During the Millennium?

Irenaeus recognized that these words are a fitting description of how God’s truth can make personality changes in “savage men”.

Both Literal and Figurative – The Watchtower 1/15/1980 p. 14 par. 22 God’s Government—Mankind’s Only Hope

Even today persons with animalistic tendencies, by applying God’s Word in their lives, are learning to live at peace with others. God’s Word indicates that, under Kingdom rule, even the animals will live in peace

Literal – The Watchtower 4/15/1981 p. 5 Origin of the Millennial Hope

The lamb will not dread the wolf, nor will the leopard harm the kid (xi. 8 [6]); that is, as the following verse explains, tyranny and violence will no longer be practised on God’s holy mountain

Figurative – The Watchtower 12/15/1983 p. 15 Do You Remember?

This is a foretaste of how humans will live together peacefully on this earth in a physical Paradise during the Thousand Year Reign of Christ Jesus

Both Literal and Figurative – The Watchtower 12/1/1983 p. 31 Questions From Readers

“It would be inconsistent for God to inspire such a prophecy as that of Isa 11:6-9, Eze 34:25 and Hos 2:18 to have only a figurative or spiritual meaning and not have a true copy of these things in actual life…”

Literal – The Watchtower 11/15/1983 p. 30 par. 18 Abound in Hope!

…why, “even the lion will eat straw just like the bull,” as no doubt it did in Eden…

Figurative – The Watchtower 10/1/1983 p. 7 Can You Enjoy a Paradise Now?

there is only one force in the universe that can cause people to make such drastic changes in their disposition.

Literal – The Watchtower 10/1/1983 pp. 4-5 Can You Enjoy a Paradise Now?

This would restore the Paradise conditions that existed in the garden of Eden when animals and humans lived in that garden in perfect harmony.

Figurative – The Watchtower 1/1/1985 p. 14 par. 20 Unified In Publishing the Word of Jehovah

It is illustrated at Isaiah 11:6-9, which tells of the spiritual paradise now existing among Jehovah’s restored people…

Literal – The Watchtower 11/15/1988 p. 6 The New World—Paradise Regained!

Think of children able to play safely with animals now so dangerous.

Figurative – The Watchtower 6/1/1988 p. 7 Why Some Have Changed Their Religion

People with personalities formerly as different as sheep are from wolves are now getting along peaceably in the Christian assembly.

Literal – The Watchtower 11/15/1989 p. 13 par. 16 Do All Things for the Good News

she showed me Isaiah 11:6-9 about animals living in true peace

Figurative – The Watchtower 10/1/1992 p. 19 par. 19 The Messiah’s Presence and His Rule

the subjects of his Kingdom are learning to live peaceably together, fulfilling Isaiah 11:6-9

Literal – The Watchtower 12/1/1996 p. 15 par. 1 – Youths Who Remember Their Creator

Then I dream about how beautiful Paradise will be in the future and about how I can touch the animals then.

Figurative – The Watchtower 2/15/1996 p. 25 Spreading Bible Truth in Portugal

Truly a case of ‘the wolf residing with the lamb’!

Both literal and Figurative – The Watchtower 7/15/1998 p. 6 What Future Do You Want for Your Children?

Try to envision the grand fulfillment of this prophecy: “The wolf will actually reside for a while with the male lamb, and with the kid the leopard itself will lie down, and the calf and the maned young lion and the well-fed animal all together; and a mere little boy will be leader over them.” (Isaiah 11:6) Even today, the spiritual security described in these words has a figurative fulfillment…

Figurative – The Watchtower 9/15/2001 p. 18 par. 11 Jehovah’s Blessing Makes Us Rich

This “fruitage of the spirit” is part of “the new personality” that Christians put on in place of any rapacious, beastlike traits they may formerly have displayed.

Literal – The Watchtower 11/15/2003 p. 6 You Can Believe in a Paradise Earth

Animals will pose no danger to man.

Figurative – The Watchtower 4/1/2003 p. 19 par. 18 Mildness—An Essential Christian Quality

The Bible likens this transformation to the change of vicious wild beasts—wolf, leopard, lion, bear, and cobra—to peaceful domestic animals—lamb, kid, calf, and cow.

Literal – The Watchtower 1/15/2003 p. 6 Has Evil Won?

Their peace will not be threatened from any source—human or animal.

Figurative – The Watchtower 11/1/2004 p. 7 Who Is the Right Leader for Today?

Those men who today attack others like voracious lions or who act like ill-tempered bears toward their neighbors will have changed their dispositions completely.

Literal – The Watchtower 10/1/2004 p. 6 “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”—How?

They will enjoy peace even with the beasts of the field.

Figurative – The Watchtower 5/1/2004 p. 8 par. 1 Be Courageous Like Jeremiah

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES dwell in a spiritual paradise.

Literal – The Watchtower 9/1/2007 p. 7 “Written for Our Instruction”

What a beautiful prospect!

Figurative – The Watchtower 5/15/2008 p. 28 Pursue “Holiness in God’s Fear”

Figuratively speaking, people who are violent and aggressive in action and speech are compared to wild beasts.

Literal – The Watchtower 9/15/2012 p10

So we should not be surprised when we read in the Bible that peace will come to prevail between humans and animals. (Read Isaiah 11:6-9; 65:25.)



Science – The Watchtower 5/10/2013 p.7 par. 3 Creation Reveals the Living God

“They [Christian fundamentalists] reject credible scientific evidence that contradicts their view.”

Science – Awake ! 11/11 p. 3 The Most Important Question of All

“Regrettably, many of the world’s religions have added to the confusion by teaching things that contradict well-established scientific knowledge.”

The Bible – The Watchtower 4/15/2008 p. 6 par. 16 Repudiate “Valueless Things”

“However, we know that when human teachings contradict what God has revealed, it is always the human teachings that are wrong.” (emphasis WT)

Describing scientists – Awake 11/22/1981 p. 14 How Old Are the Fossils?

[They are] Wishy-washy when it suits their purpose, dogmatic when it doesn’t.


What have Jehovah’s Witnesses said is the length of a Lunar year?

354 days – 1990 All Scripture is Inspired p. 281 par. 20 Study Number 2—Time and the Holy Scriptures

The common lunar year of 12 lunar months has 354 days

354 days – 1988 Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 2 p. 1214 Year

The common lunar year has 354 days

360 days – The Watchtower 8/1/1983 p. 21 par. 18 Israel and the “Times of the Gentiles”

In the Bible’s prophetic count of time, a lunar year is calculated as amounting to 360 days.

360 days – The Watchtower 1/1/1983 p. 11 par. 3 The Kingdom Issue to the Fore!

The years contained in each time would amount to the number of days in a prophetic lunar year, namely, 360 days.

354 days – 1981 kc chap. 14 p. 135 The King Reigns!

a lunar year of 354 days

360 days – The Watchtower 4/1/1959 p. 216 par. 40 Part 11—”Your Will Be Done on Earth”

In Nebuchadnezzar’s case a “time” stood for a lunar year, the average of which was reckoned as 360 days.

Note: Truthfully, a lunar year has 354 days. This does not help when trying to interpret prophecy, so a ‘prophetic lunar year’ is said to last 360 days instead. This is no different from when CT Russell calculated 1914 by measuring a pyramid, only to find that regular inches did not add up correctly. He therefore invented a different unit of measurement called ‘pyramid inches’ so that his dates worked out.


maxresdefaultYES – The Watchtower 1/15/1957 pp. 46-47

Monotheism Preceded Polytheism as human beings became civilized…

NO – The Watchtower 12/15/1958 p. 764 – Questions From Readers

…in the light of what is above said we trust you will understand why our publications have restricted the expression [“beings”] to Jehovah God.

YES – The Watchtower 8/1/1994 – Jehovah Is Reasonable! Question 15 (a)

What examples show that Jehovah has been willing to listen and respond to human beings?


Vaccinations are readily available for such common adult illness1921 – “Vaccination never prevented anything and never will, and is the most barbarous practice” – Golden Age Oct 12 1921 p.17

1923 – “Vaccination, summed up, is the most unhygienic, barbaric, filthy, abhorrent, and most dangerous system of infection known. Its vile poison taints, corrupts, and pollutes the blood of the healthy, resulting in ulcers, syphilis, scrofula, erysipelas, tuberculosis, cancer, tetanus, insanity, and death” – Golden Age Jan 1 1923 pg 214

1929 – “Avoid serum inoculations as they pollute the blood stream with their filthy pus.” – Golden Age 11/12/1929 p.107

1931 – Prohibited as being a “direct violation of the everlasting covenant.” “Quite likely there is some connection between the violation of blood [vaccines] and the spread of demonism” – Golden Age 2/4/31 p.293

1934 – “It is better to be jailed 12 times instead of let your child be vaccinated” – Golden Age March 28, 1934

Permitted in September 1945 Consolation- “When we lose our life because we refuse inoculations, that does not bear witness as a justification of Jehovah’s name. God never issued regulations which prohibit the use of drugs, inoculations or blood transfusions. It is an invention of people, who, like the Pharisees, leave Jehovah’s mercy and love aside.”

Since 1952 permitted. WT 12/15/52 p.764 and AWAKE! 8/22/65 p.20


11064975613_079ca3f227Have Jehovah’s Witnesses historically believed that they should read food labels to search for blood products?

YES – The Watchtower 9/15/1961 p. 557 par. 14 – Respect for the Sanctity of Blood

various tonics and tablets show on their labels that they contain blood fractions such as hemoglobin. So it is necessary to be alert, to be acquainted with the practices in his community, to make reasonable inquiry at places where he buys meat and to read and understand the labels on packaged goods.

NO – The Watchtower 10/15/92 p. 31 – Questions From Readers

It is not as if every Christian worldwide must study the labels and ingredients on all packaged food or should interrogate employees at restaurants or food stores.