I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you on the way… (Exodus 23:20) 

YES – The Watchtower 10/15/1950 p. 381 “Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill the Earth”

To assist [Adam and Eve] to continue in the way of righteousness and obedience and to protect them from evil, God provided them with a guardian angel.

YES – The Watchtower 8/1/1958 p. 455 Why Many Doubt Satan’s Existence

The Bible also tells us that God created many righteous spirit creatures, angels, among whom was one that God appointed as covering cherub or guardian angel of the first human pair.

NO – The Watchtower 4/1/1976 p. 224 Questions From Readers

it appears that there was a widespread belief, though not based directly on the Bible, that an angel was assigned to watch over each Israelite, as a sort of guardian angel.

NO – Reasoning From the Scriptures book page 69

What is the origin of popular customs associated with birthday celebrations ? The Greek believed that everyone had a protective spirit or daemon who attended his birth and watched over him in life. This spirit had a mystic relation with the god on whose birthday the individual was born. The Romans also subscribed to this idea…..This notion was carried down in human belief and is reflected in the guardian angel. “

YES – Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 1 pp. 107-108

God’s servants are assured of the ever-present, invisible protecting armies, as real as those that surrounded the prophet Elisha and his servant. “He will give his own angels a command concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.” Yes, “the angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him, and he rescues them.”

YES – The Watchtower 11/15/1998 pp. 6-7 – How Angels Can Help You

Guardian Angels – Do angels care for people and protect them? The apostle Paul asked: “Are they [angels] not all spirits for public service, sent forth to minister for those who are going to inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) Clearly, the answer to Paul’s question is yes… Present-day servants of Jehovah God are fully convinced that God’s invisible angelic forces are real and are able to provide protection, as they did for Elisha and his attendant.

YES – The Watchtower 10/15/2002 pp. 17-18 par. 16 Jehovah Cares for You

Are you convinced of Jehovah’s saving power? Are you aware of his angelic protection?

NO – The Watchtower 9/15/2008 p.9 What About Physical Protection?

As individuals, we know that our immediate physical protection is not guaranteed. We take the position expressed by the three faithful Hebrews who refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s image of gold. Those God-fearing young men did not presume that Jehovah would miraculously protect them from physical harm. (Read Daniel 3:17, 18.) As matters turned out, Jehovah did deliver them from the flames of the fiery furnace. (Dan. 3:21-27) Even in Bible times, however, miraculous deliverance was the exception rather than the rule. Many faithful servants of Jehovah died at the hands of opposers…

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