IT IS UNSCRIPTURAL! – The Watchtower 1/8/1947 p.27 Are You Also Excommunicated?

The authority for excommunication, [the Romans Catholics] claim, are based on the teachings of Christ and the apostles… In fact, it is altogether foreign to Bible teachings. The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that papal excommunication is not without pagan influence… Thereafter, as the pretensions of the Hierarchy increased, the weapon of excommunication became the instrument by which the clergy attained a combination of ecclesiastical power and secular tyranny that finds no parallel in history.

YES – The Watchtower 5/1/1957 p. 280 par. 3 Trust Your Proved, Faithful Brothers

If you think one of mother’s children needs a spanking, do not try to do it behind his back with your own tongue. Take it in the right way to our Father through his organization and let Him administer what correction may be necessary.

NO – The Watchtower 3/15/1959 p. 179 par. 26 – Helpers Toward Walking Wisely

Disfellowshipings are subject to appeal by the ones disfellowshiped who persist in believing that the committee exceeded itself. Appeals have been made to the Society at Brooklyn and some disfellowshipings have been reversed. This fact proves that some committees have been too eager to excommunicate. Either they have not had the needed witnesses with substantial testimony or have magnified the wrongdoing out of all proportions and have disfellowshiped oppressively and on unscriptural grounds.

YES – The Watchtower 7/15/1961 p. 435 par. 19 – Become Activated by the Spirit of Jehovah

Other manifestations of holy spirit from Jehovah involve the disfellowshiping and executing of criminals, as, for example, Korah, Dathan, Abiram, Achan, Judas Iscariot, Ananias and Sapphira.

YES – Paradise Restored (1972) chap. 20 p. 353 par. 21 A “Third Part” Preserved in a Purged Land

As a consequence any uncleanness as to religious teaching or as to moral behavior would be forced to pass out, under the driving force of God’s holy spirit. Persons spiritually and morally unclean must be disfellowshiped therefrom.

YES – The Watchtower 9/1/1988 p. 16 par. 12 Stand Firm Against Satan’s Machinations

Others are emboldened by Satan not only to commit gross sins worthy of disfellowshipping but even to resort to lies and deception in order to try to fool the congregation elders. Like Ananias and Sapphira, they think they can deceive the angels and God’s holy spirit.

NO – The Watchtower 9/15/1989 p. 18 Elders—Treat God’s Flock With Tenderness!

A person can appeal a decision to disfellowship him if he believes that a serious error in judgment has been made.

YES – Shepherd the Flock of God (2012)

p.6 When the body of elders discusses a matter, Christ, by means of the holy spirit, can influence any elder to make an expression that results in a wise decision.

p. 82 “Preparing Your Mind and Heart to Judge”

3. Serving on a judicial committee is a heavy responsibility. You are judging for Jehovah and are accountable to him for the judgment you render.

5. You can render a good judgment with Jehovah’s help. (Matt. 18:18-20) Pray for wisdom, discernment, and God’s holy spirit.

Note: At the start of a Judicial Committee Holy Spirit is prayed for. The elders then ‘bind on earth what has already been bound in heaven’ (Mt 18:18). So if it is God’s decision to disfellowship, why is there an appeal process that can and sometimes does result in an overturning of the decision? Does this mean that the judicial committee was not led by Holy Spirit but was merely the faulty decision of men? Would it not be the unforgivable sin to attribute something wrong to the Holy Spirit?

Likewise when it comes to reinstatement who decides that someone can or cannot be reinstated, is it the Holy Spirit, or like the disfellowshipping, is it just the view of a few imperfect men?

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