The Watchtower 3/1/1954 p. 153 par. 16 “Restoration of True Religion Today”

Since this identification, each one in the theocratic organization has known whether he is one of the few “remaining ones” called to the heavenly Royal House or one of those called to the earthly position before the throne. True religion holds both classes in their proper place, both having the hope of life in God’s new world. Since 1935 one class has been decreasing in numbers on earth…


Eleventh, the congregation of Christ must realize a change in her work from that of gathering a little flock for heavenly privileges to that of gathering out the “other sheep” to become prospective Kingdom subjects to live happily forever on a paradise earth that is destined to continue unendingly in fulfillment of the great Abrahamic promise. Only the anointed remnant have experienced this since the years 1932 and 1935.

The Watchtower 12/1/1970 p. 732 Teaching All Nationalities with a View to Baptism

Since it appears from the facts that the ones eligible for the heavenly kingdom were for the time completed in number by about 1935, does that mean that those baptized since then are baptized as being of the “great crowd” of “other sheep”? No… But at this time when it is principally to an earthly hope that God is pointing those who become his servants, what if anyone recently baptized should suddenly conclude that he or she was spirit-begotten? It would be well for such a one to do some self-examination as to whether that conclusion was truly based on the witness or the testimony of God’s spirit.

The Watchtower 2/15/1995 p.19

“Logically, the calling of the little flock would draw to a close when the number was nearing completion, and the evidence is that the general gathering of these specially blessed ones ended in 1935.”

The Watchtower 8/15/1996 p.31

“There is every reason to believe that the number of anointed ones will continue to decline as advanced age and unforeseen occurrences end their earthly lives.”

The Watchtower 1/15/2000 p.13 “Six Convincing Lines of Evidence” that we are in the Last Days.

Sixth, the number of genuine anointed disciples of Christ is dwindling, though some will evidently still be on earth when the great tribulation begins. Most of the remnant are quite elderly, and over the years the number of those who are truly anointed has been getting smaller.

The Watchtower 5/1/2007 p.31

“Thus it appears that we cannot set a specific date for when the calling of Christians to the heavenly hope ends.”

The Watchtower 8/15/2011 p.22 (Note: the number of partakers had been increasing for 6 years!)

“Memorial partakers. This is the number of baptized individuals who partake of the emblems at the Memorial worldwide. Does this total represent the number of anointed ones on earth? Not necessarily. A number of factors — including past religious beliefs or even mental or emotional imbalance — might cause some to assume mistakenly that they have the heavenly calling.”

(Note: ALL of the current Governing Body (7 persons as of 2015) were born AFTER the 1935 ‘cut off’)



All anointed – The Watchtower 9/1/1960 p. 539 par. 14 – Awake Worshipers in the Time of the End

The “glorious ones” here referred to are not any who are bright and shining in their own eyes or who are glorious in the eyes of others due to their personal achievements. Those who are the brothers of the King Jesus Christ have been selected as heirs of the heavenly kingdom—a glorious privilege indeed!

All anointed – The Watchtower 10/1/1965 p. 592 par. 7 – Execution of Divine Judgment upon the Ungodly

Who are these “glorious ones”? They must be those who receive glory from Jehovah God and his Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. According to Isaiah 60:1, 2, Jehovah’s “own glory” would be conferred upon the remnant of spiritual Israel, the anointed Christians.

Elders – The Watchtower 1/15/1979 p. 25 – Why Keep Free from Murmuring?

They were individuals who were “disregarding lordship and speaking abusively of glorious ones,” or responsible men in the congregation.

Elders – The Watchtower 1/15/1980 p. 19 par. 10 – Are You a Loyal Subject of God’s Government?

Further describing them, the apostle says: “Daring, self-willed, they do not tremble at glorious ones [persons entrusted with oversight within God’s congregation] but speak abusively.”

Anointed elders – The Watchtower 8/15/1982 p. 28 pars. 14-15 – Heed the ‘Warnings Placed Before Us’!

Those ungodly persons also spoke abusively of “glorious ones” (literally, “of glories”), evidently those who had certain glory conferred upon them by Jehovah God and Jesus Christ… 15 Certainly, those of Christ’s anointed followers who serve faithfully as appointed Christian overseers have had glory, or honor, conferred upon them.

Anointed elders – The Watchtower 9/15/1989 p. 22 par. 8 – Be Obedient to Those Taking the Lead

Surely, we do not want to be like the “ungodly men” of Jude’s day who ‘disregarded lordship and spoke abusively of glorious ones,’ anointed Christian elders with God-given glory, or honor, conferred upon them.

Anointed elders – The Watchtower 4/15/1991 p. 31 – Beware of Apostates!

Unlike the archangel Michael, who would not even bring a judgment against the Devil in abusive terms, the ungodly men spoke abusively of “glorious ones,” evidently those with certain glory conferred upon them by God and Christ as anointed elders.

Elders – The Watchtower 9/1/1997 pp. 15-16 pars. 13-14 – Beware of False Teachers!

Jude writes that “these men, . . . indulging in dreams, are defiling the flesh . . . and speaking abusively of glorious ones.” (2 Peter 2:10; Jude 8) In what sense, though, do they “look down on lordship” and speak “abusively of glorious ones”? 14 They do so in that they despise divinely constituted authority. Christian elders represent the glorious Jehovah God and his Son and, as a result, have certain glory conferred upon them. True, they make mistakes, as did Peter himself, but the Scriptures urge members of the congregation to be submissive to such glorious ones.

Elders – The Watchtower 6/1/1998 p. 17 par. 10 – “Put Up a Hard Fight for the Faith”!

But if we dwell on their faults and undermine respect for them, might we be “speaking abusively of glorious ones”? In verse 10, Jude mentions those who “are speaking abusively of all the things they really do not know.” Some will, at times, criticize a decision made by a body of elders or a judicial committee.

Elders – The Watchtower 11/15/2008 p. 22 par. 9 – Highlights From the Letters of James and of Peter

While “glorious ones,” that is, Christian elders, have faults and may err at times, we must not speak abusively of them.